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Freelance graphic designer Singapore is where you get professionally done graphic design services for your monthly retainer or ad hoc projects at senior skill level at the price of a junior designer.

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What Can You Get From Here?

Freelance Graphic Designer Singapore

freelance graphic design service

Corporate Web Design

freelance web design

Get A Free Logo Design Singapore With Our Package

Want a free logo design in Singapore? We are offering a free logo design Singapore with our corporate website design package at $699. If you’re starting a business, you’ll need a logo and also a website. It’s the perfect combination! There’s no business that goes without a website these days! We’ll throw in some freebies like site security and make it SEO-friendly. Find out more! Terms and conditions apply.

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Graphic Design Services

Give your brand the makeup it needs. We offer full service graphic design of everything. Whatever the thing that you think needs a design on it, be it t-shirt, signage, exhibition boards or even body wrap of a car sticker, we got you! Get these cool graphic design services:

  • custom company logo design
  • name card design
  • brochure design
  • letterhead design
  • corporate profile design
  • flyer design
  • rollup bunting design
  • banner design
  • poster design
  • invitation card design
  • packaging design
  • wedding card design 
  • social media post 
  • powerpoint templates
  • photoshop editing & more…
monthly retainer graphic design service

Monthly Retainer Graphic Design Service

What’s your graphic designer monthly retainer rates? The graphic design monthly retainer rates start at $796.

Reach out to me and we can work out a monthly retainer package for you that suits your business needs.

Some businesses only need graphic design every now and then. So, there’s no need to commit to a full time graphic designer. My freelance designer rates are much affordable than hiring one that fits the design needs for your business!


Get a glance of our creative flair via this portfolio. Regardless of the industry, the main component remains the same, creative juice! These are some of the creative graphic design works that answers two main things – brand message and aesthetic. Here’s some of my works:

social media post design for product
roll up bunting design for IT company
instagram post design for food packaging
flyer for furniture business
flyer for first ambulance company
flyer for cctv company
flyer design for cctv company
flyer design for curtain company
brochure for car engine oil company
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You're In Good Hands!

I'm An Experienced Graphic Designer

Two companies can provide similar services and products. What makes customers choose you?

Right design attracts!

What is the right design? In my experience of years of design in the business as Singapore freelance designer, the right design consists of 2 elements. A vibe that matches well with the brand and a feel that customers can recognize and or relate to.

Beauty catches the eye! One main factor we can help you with is the product and brand appearance.

I cater design requirements for your brand from the start and serve to grow with you.

Let's Start With Logo Design.

Every business and brand starts with this. It’s a symbol of remembrance for your customers. Nothing too complicated or colorful, it’s a logo, not a WhatsApp sticker. Simple logo is easier to remember!

start our service with logo design
business card design

Next, a business card.

A growing business needs to create a network with others. You gotta leave something to remember you by. Bring a name card with you! We can help with the design!

How else to grow my audience? How about participating in events and expos? What will I need?

brochure design

Brochure! Backdrop! Buntings!

You’ll need something more informative and easy to carry. A brochure fits the role. This is something they can hold, thus leaving longer impression of your business with them.

A good brochure design is not about stuffing it with info that nobody wants to read. It’s about a balance of beauty and smartness!

Keep it visual and mix with little teasers of information. Let it be in a friendly tone. Don’t drown your audience with facts and figures. Lead them to the website for more info.

There’s also backdrop design and roll up bunting to decorate your booth in a semi informative way. Get in touch with my freelance graphic designer Singapore service today and let’s discover further!

What if the event is more corporate or B2B?

In this case, a corporate profile will be an essential item to distribute. It’s for a more formal setting. You can put in some facts and figures here. You’re attracting investors and business partners. It’s okay to bore them with these!

Want to know more? Engage with my freelance graphic designer Singapore service today!


we also provide company profile design
providing freelance web design service

Will I ever need a website?

Name one big brand that doesn’t have a website. Tough eh?

To grow a successful brand, you need certain elements in place. Other than the typical Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need a website too!

Website ages like fine wine. The older it gets, the more authoritative it is. Reach out to us to get a package price for logo and web design together!

What can a website do for me?

Similar to social media.

Brand awareness, paid advertising, organic searches and data collection.

The audiences in social media and search engines are different. There’s no reason not to tap into both worlds. Business is about reach. The more people you reach, the better.

build quality website
optimize your website for search engine

Just having a website is enough?

Nope, you gotta optimize it. Same like if you have a Facebook page, nobody will follow it just like that, you have to do some marketing. For website, you can control user experience, put the highlight on top of the website for best impression.

Web banners should be the most attractive element on your website. It’s the first thing that people see after all.

Clarity should be a priority. When people come into your website, they need to know what your website is about in one glance. We’ll, at least as fast as possible before they bounce out.

I’ve seen websites that put obscure banners. Visitors don’t even know what their site is about until they read the website thoroughly. Most will not study your website unless it attracts them.

Bring them on a journey as they scroll down the website. We can help with the web design!

What other things that I will need?

Most businesses give promotions and offers. If your competitor is doing it, don’t miss out! Jump on the bandwagon and fight back. We gotchu covered with our graphic design services!

A successful promotional campaign requires competitive design collateral. Design collaterals such as posters, flyers, catalog, banners and social media posts are important customer touch points that should be well-designed.

First, it needs to have your brand vibe, then it must convey the message well. Lastly, it should have a call to action – what do you want your customers to do? We’ll take care of the design so you can focus on other aspects of running your business. Don’t worry!

promote your product or services with promotion designs such as poster flyer and social media posts
freelance graphic design service available here

Win Against Your Competitors!

I'm An Experienced Graphic Designer

Get the head start over your competition with our freelance graphic designer Singapore services today!

Leading Freelance Logo Designer Singapore

Freelance logo designer Singapore is about providing valuable logo design services for startups and side hustles. Freelance designers are highly sought after by new businesses as a more budget-friendly way to get the ball rolling for their print design and marketing media. Freelance logo designers work directly with clients so you can tell that they’re reliable and knowledgeable in designing skills.

What’s the price for logo design? Truth be told, it’s not that simple to give a flat rate without knowing your expectation of the logo. One thing for sure is that my freelance graphic designer Singapore service will offer an affordable logo design price which goes hand-in-hand with the quality!

What you will get? Custom logo belong only to you with all the possible design & image files you will ever need.

company logo design
most dedicated freelance packaging designer

Most Dedicated Freelance Packaging Designer Singapore

Freelance packaging designer Singapore is who we are in which we provide quality packaging design for various things such as food packaging, box, plastic bag and more. Whether it’s food packaging design or product label stickers for bottles, we have the expertise to craft precise designs that will suit your product theme. A good design pretty much sells itself.

What’s the price for packaging design? Not all packaging design is the same. Reach out to me today for further discussion. I assure you, my freelance graphic designer Singapore service charges at a reasonable price on par with its design quality!

What will I get? A precise packaging design for your product. It’s well set that you can just send to your print agency to get it printed.

Freelance Graphic Designer Rates Singapore

The rates of freelance graphic designer Singapore is highly affordable as you get experienced and skillful  designers to work on your project with the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house entry-level designer. This is suitable for businesses that don’t always need a graphic designer all the time. Checkout the FAQ below for more!

Hiring a freelance graphic designer for your business in Singapore is one of the best moves for the growth of your business. 

freelance graphic design rates


To evaluate a good graphic designer, you can check out their portfolio. Portfolio is a must-have for graphic designers and all experienced ones will definitely have it. It can be an online portfolio or compiled PDF works. It is important to note that when looking at a portfolio, it is important to look at the creative flair and not to judge a designer’s skill by the industry they’ve worked in before. 

The principle of design is the same regardless of industry. And given it’s a creative line, any Singapore freelance designer can work in any industry. It’s the creative sense that differentiates a designer from another, other than skills in certain software that is.

A freelance designer does pretty much as what a graphic designer does but at a lower rate as you don’t need to dedicate the budget or overhead costs for a full-time in-house designer. The design works cover graphic design services such as flyer design, brochure, name card, company profile, catalog, website banner, social media post and whichever the visual materials that a company may need.

In some cases, the skill goes beyond designing as well such as website design and video editing. Freelance designers have one main advantage in terms of dedication. They are directly responsible for the artwork so they do it well.

Freelance designers’ charge per hour starts at $45. This method of charge is usually done for ad hoc tasks such as editing or minor adjustment to existing designs. The typical way a freelance designer charges is usually by project basis. This is seen as a more effective way for both the designer and client side as they can see an overall figure to make business decisions.

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Freelance Web Designer Singapore is providing graphic design and web design services. The freelancer is experienced and responsible directly on the project. Hence, delivering the quality of service at the highest level.


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